Every day, over 19 scheduled domestic and international flights arrive in Saarbrücken, with direct connections from and to Berlin, Munich, Leipzig, Hamburg and Luxembourg. Free parking. Airport to city =15 km.

Saarbrücken is well-connected to the Intercity network via the connecting stations of Mannheim, Koblenz, Mainz and Karlsruhe. The Intercity train offers a direct Intercity link to Southern Germany, to Stuttgart, Augsburg and Munich. North Germany can be reached, without the need to change trains, on the Hamburg Westerland route. There is also an Intercity link via the Frankfurt - Saarbrücken - Paris axis.

Highways (Autobahn) A6 from Frankfurt-Mannheim, and A1 from Trier-Koblenz intersect in the Saarland capital, as do highways from North Germany and those from Strasbourg and Metz / Paris.
European highway number 42, which runs south from the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg, also passes directly through the city.

You can reach the hotel from the A620 travelling towards Luxembourg, or from the A6 coming from Frankfurt-Mannheim as follows: Stadtautobahn (City Highway) A620: Ausfahrt (Exit) Wilhelm-Heinrich-Brücke, turn left at the traffic lights, then again at the second traffic lights, turn right at the end of the street (at the T-junction) and take the first street on the left into Trillerweg. After 300 metres, you will arrive at the Hotel am Triller.

Triller's Bier

Unter dem Motto „Heute schon getrillert?” haben wir unsere hauseigene Marke „Triller's Bier” eingeführt. Unser Triller's Sixpack eignet sich super zum Verschenken.

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