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Triller Beer

Triller Beer

Our own creations: Triller Beers make being thirsty a pleasurable experience
Beer – what else is there to say. You drink it all the time. So common, so normal, always the same. In October 2015, Björn Gehl-Bumb, the owner of the hotel, made a decision: “I want a beer that is different, I want our own beer.” No sooner said than done! With the motto “Are you having a Triller kind of day?”, Triller has been the first and so far only hotel in Saarbrücken to launch its own, registered beer brand. Triller Beer and Triller Bock Beer are brewed in the Allgäu region and come in swing-top bottles. With a substantial head and an extremely palatable hop bouquet it is sure to tempt you. If you find it irresistible, why not give it as a present to someone. Triller six-packs are very unique and therefore popular souvenirs.

Are you having a Triller kind of day?

Our popular beer, brewed in compliance with the German beer purity law, is now available as a handy six-pack, which makes the perfect present to yourself or others – why don’t you give it a try! It goes without saying that you can still buy individual bottles and the beer mats with cult status as well.

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