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Walking & Cycling

Walking and Cycling

Saarbrücken, the capital city and only city of the Saarland, has so much to offer – discover its hidden gems on a sightseeing tour through Saarbrücken and the surrounding area, and spend the night in one of the most beautiful hotels close to the French border!
The quiet yet very central location of our hotel enables you to make the most of the local recreation facilities of this border city. You can continue to relax in the hotel as well: Unser Our in-house swimming pool, with sauna, a restaurant or the option to bring along your pet – all that makes relaxing in Saarbrücken a particularly wonderful and memorable event when you stay at Hotel Am Triller.


Nature is the best remedy. If you have not experienced that for yourself, we urge you to explore the beautiful surroundings by bicycle. The ideal way of doing this is with our package “EVELO VITAL“.

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